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Barley's Bar

Barley’s Bar has been around for over 20 years in a community that we grew up in, so we were honored when they asked us to create a few things for them. Included in that short list is a long list of customer touchpoints starting with an overall brand refresh and custom pieces ranging from signage to tap handles.

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Get Outside

If you haven’t begun planning for your summer vacation, a few of our friends share some spots that they’re looking to visit this year. Since they won’t be taking us with, we hope you follow their adventures as they hop all over the globe.

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Italian Wine Country

This section is as much about design as it is about the destination so when we saw these photos that Tara Miller took of a winery in Italy, we knew it needed more attention. Tara and her husband took a trip to Antinori nel Chianti Classico, a winery set in the hillside of Bargino Fl, Italy. 

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What is Ghost Outdoors?

Good design is good for the outdoors and Ghost Outdoors threads that through everything they create. They got started in Perth, Australia and are now selling their products worldwide (while a few of them found their way into our shop). 

We got to chat with the team to hear their genesis story and see what exactly inspires them and their desire to leave the indoors for the outdoors. 

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