What is Ghost Outdoors?


Good design is good for the outdoors and Ghost Outdoors threads that through everything they create. They got started in Perth, Australia and are now selling their products worldwide (while a few of them found their way into our shop). 

We got to chat with the team to hear their genesis story and see what exactly inspires them and their desire to leave the indoors for the outdoors. 

Where did the idea for Ghost Outdoors come from? 
We were loving getting away but having trouble finding gear that worked for us.  Highly technical gear for the once-yearly mega adventure or goods that look nice but don’t survive?  Those are easy to come by.  We set out to create well-designed goods that we love using year-round in multiple settings.

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How’d you come up with the name? 
We wanted a name that would resonate beyond Australia.  The idea of ghosting or disappearing from daily entrapments can happen anywhere, any time and can be as simple as a morning swim or as epic as a few weeks away. 

How would you explain Australian Design?
Australian Design is about creating quality items that stand up to our often harsh environment with a simple material palette (think of Australian heritage brands like DryzaBone and RM Williams) and keenly embedded sustainability (we’re also inspired by architects such as Glenn Murcutt and more recently Breathe Architects).

What sets Ghost design apart from other Australian designers or even the clean simplicity of Scandinavian design, is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We’re having a good time and often this shows up by way of a colour pop, surprising detail or pattern. 

What’s your most popular product and what is your most unique product?
The Ultimate Rucksack has done great since day one.  We can’t seem to keep our Army Blankets in stock either.  We’re probably most proud of these because of our insistence on using 100% Australian merino wool and our completely original woven designs.  Not to mention, they’re just so handy, year-round.

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You guys sell your products all over the world so where is the most unique place you’ve seen your products travel to?
We get such a thrill out of seeing where people take Ghost gear!  We’ve received rad pics from remote Australian salt flats, Cuba, Japan, and national parks around the US (the latter may not seem overly exotic to you, but that’s a long journey from Perth!)

What’s your favorite spot to travel to and why? 
As much as we love big trips to explore new places, we’re big believers in the power of a weekender.  With minimal planning, getting away for a couple nights and unplugging does wonders for our mid-week creativity and well-being.  From Perth, we have a beautiful surfing/wine/foodie hideaway 3 hours south in the Margaret River region.  Our NY team is currently loving sneaking north to Beacon for the weekend.

What’s next for Ghost Outdoors?
We want to continue to create quality products that encourage people to get outside while telling an Australian adventure story.  We’re currently working with the last standing Australian canvas mill on an entirely new product range. Stay tuned…


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