Barley's Bar


Barley’s Bar has been around for over 20 years in a community that we grew up in, so we were honored when they asked us to create a few things for them. Included in that short list is a long list of customer touchpoints starting with an overall brand refresh and custom pieces ranging from signage to tap handles.

When you walk into the space, you’re greeted by a few chandeliers that were recently salvaged from a local church and neon signs from a variety of breweries around the country. Sprinkled in there are a few pieces of art we created that incorporated Barley’s brand colors on top of photos that captured the history of the community they are so deeply engrained in.

If you were to take a seat at the bar a few months ago you could have ordered the Beverly Bluffs APA, a collaboration between Barley’s Bar and Keg Creek Brewing Company. Is the bar too crowded? Take a table seat and you’ll see some of the custom table stands we did.

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