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Each stool consists of three pieces of interlocking double-walled cardboard that come together to form an astoundingly strong and versatile lightweight stool.

In-house testing has proven these stools capable of holding well over 300 pounds.

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If you're reading this, I bet right now you're questioning just how durable a cardboard stool could possibly be. I mean, it's just paper, right?

Won't it get crushed if someone sits on it? Won't it fall apart if a drink gets spilled? My kids would simply destroy it!

The photos in the left column below are of a stool that was freshly cut and assembled less than an hour before being photographed.

The photos in the right column below are of a stool that has lived in a family home for 10 months, with 2- and 4-year old boys, and a playful Boxer. It has been used as a seat, a stepstool for changing light bulbs, a snack table, a side table, and has been kicked over, tossed around, and spilled on.

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