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Divide and conquer space with our new DVDR wall kit.

This kit is perfect for those of you who want to quickly and affordably have more control over the layout of your living space. If you’re on the move often, the DVDR will smooth out your transition from city to city.

Use it as a dividing wall to separate larger spaces.
Use smaller groupings of modules to decorate and highlight a room.
Create a dimensional visual texture by using it as a wall covering.
Get creative! DVDRs can be used in many different ways!

These DVDR sections can curve and turn through your space as well by orienting the asymmetrical modules in specific ways (many ideas and patterns are included in the instructional booklet).

Starter Kit - $160
Big Kit - $288 (save 10%)

This product is currently made to-order, please allow 5-7 days processing time.

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The DVDR Starter Kit

Each Starter Kit includes:
50 x full-size DVDR modules and locks
12 x half-size DVDR modules and locks
12 x edge support caps

The DVDR Starter Kit can cover 36 square feet, which can be configured in the following ways:
6 x 6 foot section (as shown in all photos on this page)
4 x 9 foot section
3 x 12 foot section
2 x 18 foot section
…and more!


The DVDR Big Kit

Each Big Kit includes:
100 x full-size DVDR modules and locks
24 x half-size DVDR modules and locks
24 x edge support caps

The DVDR Big Kit doubles the contents of the starter kit, and can cover 72 square feet in a variety of ways, such as:
8.5 x 8.5 foot section
6 x 12 foot section
4 x 18 foot section
3 x 24 foot section
…and so many more!