PRINT - Destroy Rebuild Repeat

PRINT - Destroy Rebuild Repeat

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Recently, while working through the redesign of a historical infographic, we noticed that the bulk of nearly every culture's history consisted of primarily wars and destruction.

That made us think about the concept of destruction - how things deteriorate and regenerate or rebuild only to be destroyed again. It inspired us to create an abstract diagram of the universal process of deterioration and regeneration.

This relates to wars, buildings, a cut on your arm, an iceberg floating in the ocean, your liver every weekend, and more. The elimination and regaining back of the shape creates a clock-like sequence, keeping track of how many times it will take us to get it right, while illustrating that never-ending struggle. It represents a cryptic code, and generates a visual search for how to make the next attempt a better one. There's also a hint of repetitiveness, as if we’ve all done all of this before.

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18 x 24 inches
Silk screen printed
Ships in a triangular tube
Frame not included
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