Taylor Penton x Mtrl DSGN


A little bit of elbow grease and ink.

You know that guy sitting at the corner coffee shop sketching away diligently as he finds the bottom of his caffeinated mug? That guy could very well be Taylor Penton, an Omaha-based illustrator we recently crossed paths with. Starting at a very young age, Taylor's work has gone through several iterations from sketching to watercolor and most has moved recently on to detailed pen work. If you take just a minute to scroll through his work you'll notice it's about so much more than a set of lines, illustrations, and color. 

MTRL DSGN_Coasters_Lifestyle_Taylor Penton_180521_HiRes-16.jpg

"My work is based on the idea of authenticity and finding the beauty in human error, something I feel is lost in modern day graphic arts." 

We realized quickly after meeting Taylor that we had several things in common. Our work is inspired by the great outdoors and made with it in mind. Taylor uses every last inch of his drafting paper before moving to the next and each of our products are crafted from environmentally-friendly materials. We both strive for authenticity in the products and artwork we create. The products we design are uncommon and durable, creating an experience that stands out and we felt like Taylor's work fit that bill.

The other common thread we share is that our work is fueled by coffee, hence the partnership you see here. An environmentally friendly, authentic, and caffeinated product that would be happy to soak up the drip from your coffee mug each morning.

Each coaster that you'll find in this Artist Edition set has a story to kick off your morning. We laser engraved each one of Taylor's hand-crafted designs on to a piece of premium grade Mahogany plywood that will fit right in on that desk of yours (not to mention the Instagram feed). 

These limited-edition coasters were only available in 2018 and are now sitting in the MTRL archives. Scroll down to see more from our time with Taylor and check out more of his work.