The Southwest Iowa Association of Realtors wanted to commemorate 100 years of service to the community, so they hired us to create something that helped tell their story.

A concrete and steel public sculpture was installed outside of their offices.

SWIAR Sculpture 03 r0.jpg

The concept behind the sculpture is one of SWIAR's core values - Opening the doors to home ownership.

SWIAR Timeline 06 r0.jpg

We also designed a 100-year timeline for their interior entrance that tells the story of the association.

SWIAR Timeline 02 r0.jpg

We scanned historical documents to use as background graphics and laser engraved them into wood.

SWIAR Timeline 01 r0.jpg

Red and clear acrylic panels with UV-printed typography stand off the background

SWIAR Timeline 03 r0.jpg

Laser engraved stainless steel plates and stainless steel hardware complement the material palette.

Cheers to SWIAR and another 100 years of great community service!