Ika San Omaha

As Ika San looked to expand in Omaha with their new location in the Old Market they had a few spots in the build out where they wanted to incorporate branding. One of them included an interior brand piece above their kitchen counter that could have easily been a bare opening. The other is an exterior sign that welcomes guests as they enter Ika San through the alley way, an entrance that could easily be missed if Google Maps leads you astray.

JPEG image-DBDA1ACA0249-1.jpeg
JPEG image-DBDA1ACA0249-6.jpeg
JPEG image-DBDA1ACA0249-2.jpeg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Ika San and Ramen_190617_0166.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Ika San and Ramen_190617_0148.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Ika San and Ramen_190617_0158.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Ika San and Ramen_190617_0151.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Ika San and Ramen_190617_0153.jpg

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