Give Me Coffee, Or Give Me Death


You know that guy sitting at the corner coffee shop sketching away diligently as he finds the bottom of his coffee mug? That guy could very well be Taylor Penton. Starting at a very young age, Taylor's work has gone through several iterations from sketching to watercolor and most has moved recently on to detailed pen work. If you take just a minute to scroll through his work you'll notice it's about so much more than a set of lines, illustrations, and color.

"My work is based on the idea of authenticity and finding the beauty in human error, something I feel is lost in modern day graphic arts."

Damn right, Taylor. That connection is something you’ll see right away in his work. It’s gritty, genuine, and unique in a way that brings the two together. There is something very honest and real about Taylor’s work that isn’t afraid to tackle some of our own issues or insecurity, especially as creatives. Take a scroll through his feed and you’ll quickly see this. Now might be a good time to get the coffee going a see what he’s sketching up.

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