Core Bank

Kiewit brought us in to engrave these large scale brand elements throughout the heart of Core Bank’s new headquarters in Omaha, NE designed by Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture. We engraved four panels individually to create the logo that greets guests and employees on each of the four floors. This process is eco-friendly and elevates the experience through simple tweaks in material elements.

HR_MTRL DSGN_Core Bank_8170.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Core Bank_8172.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Core Bank_8185.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Core Bank_8165.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Core Bank_8181.jpg
HR_MTRL DSGN_Core Bank_8192.jpg

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