BlueBarn Theatre

In 2014 BLUEBARN Theatre broke ground on a corner lot near Downtown Omaha that would soon become home to a variety of productions though out the year. Behind the capital campaign were dozens of community members that were stepping up to fundraise for the new theatre and BLUEBARN wanted to honor them in a creative way.

The donor wall that we created for them honors these members on a front-facing wall that greets visitors as they arrive. Almost as good as the improv that could happen on the stage behind this wall is the ability for us to add and change boards as new donors come in.

LR_MTRL DSGN_Blue Barn Theatre_190617_0122.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Blue Barn Theatre_190617_0131.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Blue Barn Theatre_190617_0135.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Blue Barn Theatre_190617_0143.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Blue Barn Theatre_190617_0128.jpg
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