Barley’s Bar

Barley’s Bar has been around for over 20 years in a community that we grew up in so we were honored when they asked us to create a few things for them. Included in that short list is a long list of customer touchpoints starting with an overall brand refresh and custom pieces ranging from signage to tap handles.

LR_MTRL DSGN_Barley's Bar_190617_0104.jpg


LR_MTRL DSGN_Barley's Bar_190617_0095.jpg

ONE Experience

LR_MTRL DSGN_Barley's Bar_190617_0089.jpg

Custom Tap Handle

LR_MTRL DSGN_Barley's Bar_190617_0080.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Barley's Bar_190617_0082.jpg

Custom Sign

LR_MTRL DSGN_Barley's Bar_190617_0062.jpg

Custom Artwork

Our goal with the artwork was to touch on the history of the community Barley’s Bar is a part of while bringing their refreshed brand colors in to the mix. The photos were pulled from community archives to showcase different parts of the vibrant city they’re in.

LR_MTRL DSGN_Barley's Bar_190617_0050.jpg

Custom Table Signs

LR_MTRL DSGN_Barley's Bar_190617_0088.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Barley's Bar_190617_0092.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Barley's Bar_190617_0105.jpg


We are passionate about working together to bring your ideas to life through custom engraving, cutting, and prototyping.