VBritton 01.jpg

Once upon a time there was an artist from San Francisco who came to visit Omaha.

VBritton 02.jpg

She came to town with ideas of imaginary landmasses floating in her head.

VBritton 03.jpg

She got a spot in the Bemis's world-renowned artist residency program.

VBritton 04.jpg

She thought to herself, "How do I get these landmasses out of my head?"

VBritton 05.jpg

She learned that MTRL DSGN partners with the Bemis residency program to assist artists that need help in laser cutting or other areas of execution to complete their work.

VBritton 06.jpg

We helped Val get those landmasses out of her head and into the hands of Helga.

VBritton 07.jpg

Helga laser cut dozens of large sheets of paper into all sorts of shapes for Val, with accuracy of roughly 1/1000th of an inch.

VBritton 08.jpg

Val's head was freed up to dream of more imaginary landmasses, some even found a home in the SF airport.

We had a great time working with Val. Check out more of her work here.