Branded end caps / laser-engraved white cardboard

SM Katherine 01.jpg

Katherine Brannock looking as happy as a mouse in a cardboard booth

SDCC Signage inside the convention center

The book that inspired the booth

SM Sign 01.jpg

Dimensional cardboard signage / 12-feet high / 14-inch tall typography

SM Booth 12.jpg

Laser-engraved and laser-cut branded end caps

Someday Mouse is a character created by Katherine Brannock, a San Diego-based artist and tattoo artist. Check her out here.

Someday Mouse first launched in 2015, and has been steadily gaining traction ever since. Now, people get Someday Mouse tattoos.

In early 2017 Katherine got in touch with MTRL DSGN, said she liked some of the cardboard installations she saw on our social media pages, and asked if we could collaborate on a unique trade show booth for San Diego's Comic-Con in July, based around her character, Someday Mouse.

"Definitely!" We designed a single-structure wrap-around booth using 300 of our DVDR units, and rounded it out with other custom accoutrements like stair-step shelf inserts, branded end caps, stick puppets, typographic signage, and a custom SRFC piece.

We ended up sharing the booth space and getting the full Comic-Con experience. For five days, we hung out with 130,000+ passionate people - artists, authors, creators, enthusiasts, geeks, rock stars, and cosplayers.

So. Many. Cosplayers.

Our attention-grabbing booth stood out amongst standard "black curtain booths." By watching attendees and paying attention to what they were engaging with, we observed that more than 50% of the people that walked by the booth ended up stopping to chat and learn more.

That means with an audience of over 130,000, our booth helped Katherine make an impactful impression on around 65,000 people.

SM Booth 09.jpg

The aesthetic of an all-cardboard booth stood out against the black and blue fabrics used in the majority of exhibitor booths

SM SRFC 01.jpg

A custom interactive SRFC piece we made to draw attendees into the booth / Dimensional imagery created based on pages from the book

SM SRFC 02.jpg

Hidden imagery reveals itself from a front-on perspective

SM SRFC 04.jpg

"Someday you will write your story"

SM SRFC 03.jpg

The background imagery appears and disappears as the viewer passes by, evoking a "What did I just see?" sense of curiosity, usually resulting in further engagement

SM Booth 18.jpg

We made stick puppets from pages pulled from the book

SM Booth 01.jpg

The circle pattern inside the booth is not visible from the outside

SM Booth 14.jpg

Attendee interaction and engagement was up from previous years at Comic Con

SM Booth 06.jpg

Printed artwork cards complemented the booth interior

SM Booth 16.jpg
SM Booth 13.jpg

The books, the booth and the extras came together perfectly

SM Booth 19.jpg

The entire booth was made from post-consumer recycled content / At the end of the show, the entire booth was recycled again / A zero-impact booth made for maximum impact