Undercover Cool Bag

Undercover Cool Bag


We’re the only ones this side of the Mississippi to carry Ghost Outdoors. They are based in Australia and care about getting you outside just as much as we do.

With the technical features of a dry bag, plus the convenience of a day pack, the Cool Bag will keep your hands free and your cans cold for up to 48 hrs.

Ideal for beaching, boating, day-tripping or BBQ-ing, the Cool Bag replaces the heavy, bulky cool box and sacrifices none of the performance.

Holds 18 cans (or 14 beer bottles), and it doubles as a flotation device—on demand.

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Waterproof, rip-stop tarpaulin outer (REACH certified)
Padded, insulating core designed to maintain icy temps for longer
Concealed matte black metal bottle opener
Heat welded seams to keep it airtight
Weather proof front pocket to stash your phone, wallet and keys
Heavyweight YKK weather resistant coil zip


The Undercover Cool Bag is our take on a camping staple...a way to get your cold beers from A to B.

Designed with a restrained color palette and discrete detailing, you can toss it over your shoulder and take it anywhere. Cheers!

Questions? Email info@mtrldsgn.com

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