Ultimate Navy Rucksack

Ultimate Navy Rucksack


We’re the only ones this side of the Mississippi to carry Ghost Outdoors. They are based in Australia and care about getting you outside just as much as we do.

This rucksack is the ultimate bag for day-tripping. It features an extend-and-contract roll-top to take more stuff, a hidden zip that allows you to whip out the laptop, and four extra compartments to stash your phone, water bottle and keys.

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46cm H x 28cm W x 15cm D  | 19L capacity
G-clip roll-top extends to 66cm H to fit more stuff
Durable water-resistant reinforced nylon exterior 
Easy-access side zip and padded laptop compartment
Hidden front pocket 


The roll top rucksack is a classic outdoor shape, reminiscent of 1970s bush camping.
Classic utilitarian navy for maximum versatility. 
Sized for a full day hike and the daily commute. 
Questions? Email info@mtrldsgn.com

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