Artist Edition Collection

Artist Edition Collection


Collection includes:
Artist Edition Bottle Liberator
Artist Edition Coaster Set
FREE Artist Edition Print (8” x 10” print on matte paper)

About Studio Malt
Studio Malt is a Chicago-based design studio focused in thoughtful, compelling and approachable branding and illustration.

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The Bottle Liberator

This piece is inspired by the linework that comes from the Chicago Federal Center designed by Mies van der Rohe. It is crafted with a piece of 3/16 inch thick stainless steel - laser cut and engraved, micro-abraded, and bent to the ideal angle for opening bottles.

Scratches are welcome, character is king. This heirloom-quality bottle opener will evolve while looking great and popping tops for years to come.

3/16 in thick steel

What it will do
Feel great in your hand.
Open bottles confidently.
Age gracefully.

The Coasters

This coaster set is part of a larger set we created with them and is inspired by four pieces of architecture you can find throughout the city they call home.

Made from premium grade 6mm thick Meranti.

Marine-grade Meranti
4 inches diameter
64 mm thick
Set of 4 (full set pictured below)


LR_MTRL DSGN_Artist Edition_190802_1152.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Artist Edition_Studio Malt_190730_1194.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Artist Edition - Studio Malt_190618_9669.jpg
LR_MTRL DSGN_Artist Edition - Studio Malt_190618_9658.jpg