Mellow Ceiling 02 r0.jpg

Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture got ahold of us about assisting them in the design and fabrication of a magical dining space for Mellow Mushroom in Lincoln, NE

Mellow Ceiling 04 r0.jpg

Their goal was to make diners feel like they were dining beneath a giant mushroom cap

Mellow Ceiling 01 r0.jpg

We laser cut and painted hundreds of 3/4" Tectum sheets

Mellow Ceiling Brackets 01 r0.jpg

And designed custom brackets for secure suspension and alignment

Mellow Planko 01 r0.jpg
Mellow Planko 02 r0.jpg

This Penny Planko display is a fun point of interaction for visitors waiting for a table or on their way out the door. Drop your change in from one of the holes in the plexiglass and watch as it bounces down into the case below.

Mellow Trees 01 r0.jpg

We also laser cut a tree pattern out of Masonite to wrap around the booth areas.