Trotec JC AI Swatches Screenshot.png

Here's a free download we thought would help a select group of folks - an Adobe Illustrator swatch file that corresponds to the colors used in Trotec's JobControl laser engraving and cutting software.

Each swatch has been named according to its position and RGB color formula in the JobControl application. Float your cursor over the fourth swatch for example to see "#4 - 51,102,153".

1 - Click on one of the download links below to get your file. The .ase file is for all Adobe applications, while the .ai file is for Illustrator only.

2 - Locate the file in your downloads folder.

3 - Copy or move the file to your application's swatch folder.

Mac: open the Finder and go to Applications > Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 (or whichever Adobe app and version you want to use) > Presets > en_US (or other language) > Swatches and copy or move the file there.

Windows: open the Explorer and go to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator (CC version)\Presets\en_US\Swatches and copy or move the files there.

4 - Start up your application, or restart if it was already open.

5 - Open the swatch library to make your production file setup process much more efficient.