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DSGN Edition


The DSGN Edition was created to bring our lives a little closer to the world of design. It will live as a digital and print edition sharing stories of people we admire doing just that. 





For this issue, we wanted to talk about that moment when we feel like we’ve spent all of our lives inside and are suddenly drawn to the outdoors. We’ll chat with our friends at Ghost Outdoors, a lifestyle brand out of Australia, to see how design influences their products. 

A few of our friends shared places that they’ve been to recently and some that are on their list. Some near and some far, but we hope all of them connect you to a new place. Check them out and keep an eye on those airline prices. 


Ghost Outdoors

Italian Wine Country


Get Outside

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You'll receive the limited-edition print that includes a poster for you to hang up after you're done reading. Take it with you on your next road trip, let it rest on your coffee table, or give it to a friend that needs more design in their life. 

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